Movie Atlantic Rim 2 (2018)

Movie Atlantic Rim 2 (2018)
  • Year: 2018
  • Quality: WEBRip
  • Country: USA
  • Film director:
  • Language: English, Russian
  • Movie Size: 1.38 GB
  • Resolution: 1080p
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Movie Atlantic Rim 2 (2018) description:

The southern coast of the American continent again appears under the threat of an attack by an extraterrestrial, hostile civilization. Los Angeles is preparing another, predatory attack, the huge, powerful monsters that want to enslave the earthlings. Unlike previous clashes with the deadly giants, the inhabitants of the earth have now tried to prepare themselves impeccably, having approached this issue most constructively and responsibly. In the few years since the first attack, the leaders of the earth’s armed forces have done a tremendous job of preventing and eliminating a possible, extraterrestrial attack. To conduct the upcoming, large-scale battles, the troops were equipped with the most modern, incredibly powerful and technically unsurpassed weapons that enable them to provide a worthy, equitable confrontation.

To combat unprecedented, giant monsters, huge robots were specially designed and designed by the best engineers-inventors. However, at the first stage of experimental work, there are some difficulties in the control of war machines. Specialists turn to the unsurpassed professional programmer James, who took part in the programming of metal soldiers-giants belonging to the first generation. A highly qualified employee attempts to eliminate the defect found, creating an unacceptable delay between the pilot’s commands and the instantaneous response of the controlled robot to them. To find out the causes of the malfunctions, very little time is spent, because extraterrestrial monsters-hulks also did not stop in development and during the passed period they passed a certain stage of evolution.

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