Movie Bomb City (2017)

Movie Bomb City (2017)
  • Year: 2017
  • Quality: WEBRip
  • Country: USA
  • Film director:
  • Language: English, Russian
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  • Resolution: 1080p
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Movie Bomb City (2017) description:

A prejudiced attitude toward certain deviations from the generally accepted, worldview standards is fraught with unpleasant consequences. Especially when there are cultural contradictions between social strata. Conservative views, characteristic of the inhabitants of distant Texas, cause an open, uncontrollable dislike for a group of young people who decided to join the punk movement.

Citizens who do not want to perceive an adequately emerged extraordinary youth movement begin a hated, irreconcilable struggle with members of an unusual grouping, provoking irritation and general contempt. The spontaneously emerging confrontation of different worldviews gradually develops into a real demonstration of uncontrolled, unjustified and cruel violence, turning the participants of the conflict into heartless creatures.

People who embarked on the warpath with disagreeable, provocative and inadequate, from their point of view, punks, completely lost their human face. The fighters for justice and the restoration of the old order have forgotten about the cultural foundations and moral principles that existed in American society. The inflamed open struggle leading to bloody clashes has placed great doubt on the accepted in modern American society justice and its effectiveness in complex, uncompromising situations.

Pankov is classified as a rogue, a scum of society, worthy of complete annihilation. Young people show great aggressiveness and hostility towards them, trying in every way to show their own superiority over strange people. Soon the opposition loses control and turns into a continuous lawlessness.

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