Movie Churchill (2017)

Movie Churchill (2017)
  • Year: 2017
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  • Country: Great Britain
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  • Language: English
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Movie Churchill (2017) description:

Churchill is a prime minister who is on the list of the greatest British. During his years as head of the country, he had many difficulties. One of the hardest blows was participation in the Second World War. The merciless element led by the German Fuhrer broke into a peaceful Europe, barely escaping the memory of the tragedies of the First World War. Being a great speaker, Churchill tried to support his people, who fought for their great homeland. For the British who fought in the rear and at the front, Churchill’s voice was a voice of hope. One of the most important events in the history of World War II was the arrival of Winston Churchill in Normandy and the subsequent operation.

Today the Norman operation is famous for its colossal influence on the victory. Thanks to her, the German troops were in a catastrophic situation, from which it took several months. This undoubtedly strengthened the spirit of the allied armies and allowed to gather with new forces for new fights. But after all, initially from Churchill, who proposed the idea of ​​the operation, there were very few allies. The film tells about two days in the life of Winston Churchill. Two days that changed the course of world history.

Actors: Brian Cox, Richard Durden, Julian Wade, Jonathan Aris, Miranda Richardson, James Purefoy, Ella Pernell, Daniel Webb, John Slattery, George Anthon and others

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